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Adult Live Wire 43 Male
Atreyu Sinz Couple
Aylin Tempest 30 Female Model
Callie 50 Female Model
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Jun 4
New Update up 2day! Pantyhose!!! 5:23 AM

Mar 30
My new Big Titty Bra Update! Sound Too!!! 5:25 PM

Feb 5
Want something to warm you up? 1:55 AM

Jan 11
Did you check out my new update? 11:43 PM

Nov 16
Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, “I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out”? 2:45 AM

Nov 9
I Haven't Lost My Mind, It's Backed Up On Disk Somewhere. 1:21 AM

Sep 26
Trying to get caught up on email, house cleaning, and my rest. 6:10 PM

Sep 20
Just got home from RI. Now i have an insane amount of housework to do 2nite. 10:28 PM

Sep 15
Doing some pics..what are you up to? 12:46 AM

Sep 10
Crazy day today! Well this week actually. Sending a new vid to Rob now. 12:49 AM

Sep 2
New Update up tonight: 5:43 AM

Aug 29
Just drinking and having some fun! What are you doing? 12:15 AM

Jairo said on Aug 28, 2009: thank you for the add u are absolutely beautiful

Aug 28
FINALLY! I'm home alone today! whoohoo! Can't wait to see what trouble I get into 2day! 12:57 PM

Aug 23
You are only as strong as the table you dance on..The drinks you mix ..& the friends you roll 3:49 PM

Aug 17
Just finished new pics for this week! 11:50 PM

Aug 12
Sending Rob my update. Whoohoo! :) 12:23 AM

Aug 4
Catching up on what all I'm supposed to be posting on lol. Make sense? 6:42 PM

Aug 3
Just finished dinner, now catching up on email. 11:26 PM

Aug 1
Drinking and watching Snatch. I love this movie! 2:39 AM

Aug 1
Watching Deception and having a drink. Nice and relaxed for a change 1:00 AM

Jul 31
Drinking a Mango Ice, uploading new photos taken yesterday. 6:54 PM


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