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About Faith69

I'm a 34 year old wife from Arizona... I run my own amateur website with my husband for fun and a I also bartend at a local bar. We are active swingers and love meeting new friends! I answer all my own email, so if you have something interesting to say, feel free to write... and if you want to see my site, visit

And if you're ever in the Tempe area, feel free to message me, and stop by the bar I work at to meet me in person...

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Sep 24
Did you see my latest gangbang pics and HD video just posted to my site? 3:55 PM

Mar 16
Are you bored? Check out my newest set... Nothing comes between me and my levi's! 7:03 PM

Sep 14
just updated my site with new sex pics and a video today! 10:28 PM

May 28
heading out to Okelley's bar in Mesa... you should join me! 1:31 AM

Jul 19
just updated my site with a new sex scene and pics from my recent trip to Vegas!! 10:19 PM

Jun 23
Getting ready to head to Vegas and plan on getting real naughty! Want to hook up with me while I'm there? 9:49 PM

Jun 14
Double Trouble... hot lesbian sex in corsets! 2:26 AM

Jun 14
Double Trouble... hot lesbian sex in corsets! 2:22 AM

Jun 10
Over 30... do I still look good in skin tight jeans? 2:43 AM

Oct 13
Going camping this weekend... so looking forward to being out in the beautiful cool weather by the firepit! 5:36 AM

Sep 15
Going to buy a mountain bike tonight so hubby and I can plan weekend camping/riding trips! I can't wait till Fall weather! 7:00 PM

Sep 15
Editing some damn hot video that I shot over the weekend... mmm! 6:42 AM

Sep 10
Hot Live SEX cam show today 7 to 8 pm EST! 6:19 PM

beast_n_harlot said on Aug 18, 2009: Makes us wish we were in the AZ! ;)

Aug 17
is going to head out to the pool for some hot naked swimming in a bit! Check out the new pics I just posted to my site while you're waiting 11:26 PM

Aug 11
New Update on my site today... the sexy Lisa Sparxxx... what a wild woman! 4:23 PM

Aug 3
just updated my site with The Cougar, hot sex with a barely 18 year old high school guy! 1:54 AM

Jul 22
will be arriving home tonight after being on road for over two weeks! 8:05 PM

Jul 20
is having a blast in Austin, TX. Going out to play at the River tomorrow... 3:14 AM

Jul 15
is hanging out and partying with friends in Austin, TX! Want to hang with us?? 5:24 AM

Jul 7
is rocking out at Rocklahoma all weekend!! Say hi if you see me there... I'll take a pic with ya! 11:08 PM

Jul 2
Is spending a couple days hanging with my little sister... fun times! 5:47 AM

Jun 26
Yay! It's Friday! Going to Okelley's Bar in Mesa, AZ tonight to watch 68 Guns play... see you there! 6:28 PM

Jun 26
would you like a signed copy of one of my dvd's? They're available now! http://www.tinyurl/faithdvds 12:31 AM

Mr. Pornoob said 4 weeks ago: HI Faith, great to have you here, do you like what you see so far? The code you used to join can be passed around for a little while, if you want to invite your members.

Jun 25
Just signed up at Pornoob! Figuring it all out :) 6:46 PM


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